Symptoms you can't ignore:

If you notice any sudden changes in your pet's health or habits, bring your pet in immediately. Prompt treatment now can avoid costly veterinary bills later—and it may save the life of your pet!


The following indicators may be symptoms of problems that require immediate attention and can quickly escalate to major health issues:

  • Lethargy/weakness  (excessive sleeping or disinterest)

  • Bleeding

  • Limping/stumbling or inability to stand

  • Loss of appetite/not drinking water

  • Chronic diarrhea or any sudden change in elimination habits

  • Vomiting

  • Coughing, wheezing, or problems breathing

  • Unusual discharge from nose, eyes, or ears

  • Bad odor from mouth or ears

  • Excessive sneezing

  • Continual or frequent scratching, biting, or chewing of skin

  • Excessive hair loss or bald areas

  • Continual or frequent head-shaking or ear-scratching

  • Frequent urination or incontinence

  • Painful, difficult, and/or inability to urinate

  • Any lumps or growths  

  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain


Remember, regular check-ups can detect disease in the early stages, improving your pet's ability to fight back!



Adopting From an Animal Shelter?

We honor certificates provided by the animal shelter, good for a free medical exam on your newly adopted pet. No appointment necessary.



First-Time Pet Parent?

As a new pet owner, you’re destined to have years of joy and love. Get off to a good start, beginning with learning about our city/state animal regulations, plus some helpful guidelines.


For protection from common diseases, begin your puppy’s or kitten’s vaccinations at 8 weeks of age. At North Figueroa Animal Hospital, we’ll advise you of the best way to insure your pet’s good health through preventive immunizations and deworming.

Rabies vaccination is required by California state law, starting at 3 months of age for all dogs, and also is recommended for cats. A rabies certificate is required by the city and/or county in order to license your dog. When you vaccinate with us, we will notify you when your pet's shots need to be renewed.

Spay & Neuter
Both the City and County of Los Angeles have spay/neuter ordinances requiring all dogs and cats over the age of 4 months to be spayed or neutered, with certain exceptions. These laws were passed to decrease the pet overpopulation in the Los Angeles area and lower the rate of unwanted pets that are euthanized in shelters. Early sterilization of dogs and cats can have a positive influence on behavior, as well as health benefits, plus substantial savings on your mandatory dog license. North Figueroa Animal Hospital is a participant in the LA City Animal Services Voucher Program, as well as other organizations that provide private financial assistance for spay and neutering services. For more info, visit: (L. A. City Animal Services) (L.A. County Animal Care & Control)

Microchip ID
We always advise you to put a visible ID on a pet’s collar, however, microchipping provides a safe and permanent way to assure your pet can be identified and returned to you if he/she becomes lost and brought to a vet or shelter for scanning. We provide microchipping by carefully injecting a tiny computer chip (about the size of a grain of rice) between the shoulder blades, just under the pet’s skin with your contact info. This way, even if your pet loses his or her collar, your pet can be identified and returned to you. And remember to update the contact info when you move, change your phone number, or rehome your pet.


All dogs and cats benefit from regular baths and brushing. This keeps their skin and fur clean and removes shedding fur. Long-haired breeds require higher maintenance, as they are susceptible to matting and benefit from professional grooming. Matted (knots) and tangled fur can result in pain, irritability, and restricted movement in your pet. 

Groomers also provide nail clipping and other services. If a dog’s toenails are allowed to grow too long, they may curl back into the pads of his/her paws, resulting in severe pain, deformity, which could lead to an inability to walk. Regular clipping your cat's nails and providing a scratching post can reduce the possibility of damage to furniture. There are also benefits that are not as visible. During your visits, we’ll check your pet’s coat thoroughly and advise you of any grooming and/or skin care recommendations.

Like humans, your dog needs regular exercise to maintain good physical and mental health—regardless of age or size. Failure to get enough exercise can cause restlessness, boredom, and undesirable behaviors. Lack of exercise can also result in an overweight pet, which impacts their overall health. Ask us about an exercise routine and proper weight maintenance for your furry companion.